How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Windows?

If you are looking for the best VPN for downloading torrents, obtaining 100% privacy, overcoming censorship content blocks, or just for hiding your location, then we have good news for you. In this post, we will cover useful recommendations on how to choose the best free VPN for Windows. So what criteria to pay attention to when seeking the solution?

There is a wide variety of VPNs that are intended to solve completely different tasks. This classification list will help you determine which service type is best for you.

  1. Perform data validation to assess exactly what VPN properties you need

It is important to understand who you want to contact and what data you intend to transfer using a VPN. This will help choose the appropriate VPN protocol.

  1. What type of internet connection are you currently using?

VPN can easily process a huge amount of traffic, so make sure that the connection you use can be handled by the solution. And do not forget that you will need static IP addresses to avoid having to configure a new VPN every time you need it.

  1. Consider security terms when using VPN

It is also necessary to focus on the security of the VPN connection. Since the solution can work on a network, its security is of utmost importance and requires the latest version of a reliable antivirus installed on your machine.

  1. Ensure each VPN client is secure

The VPN will use its own client to connect to another device or server. User ID and password may be stored on these devices. If your device is stolen, use a personal firewall or password in the computer’s BIOS to prevent unauthorized access using the VPN client.

The Art of Choosing a VPN Network

Not all virtual private networks are the same. That is why it is so important to spend some time choosing the right VPN since you and your business almost every day will rely on the efficiency of this solution, as well as its ability to encrypt data.

Before configuring VPN, you need to select the type of network protocol from 4 existing:

  1. SSL – This protocol is ideal for small businesses because in this case, the VPN is configured via an Internet browser;
  2. Open VPN – If your business is cost-sensitive, then you can use an open-source VPN. However, as its name implies, the VPN code can be seen by anyone, respectively, almost anyone can crack it;
  3. PPTP – This type of VPN was originally designed for Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile operating systems, which allows it to be the perfect solution;
  4. IPsec – In essence, this VPN type is more secure than PPTP, but it is much more difficult to configure.

Choose the one that meets your needs.