Top High-Speed Free VPN Services for Torrents

The Internet has penetrated in each field of people’s lives. There is no single day spent without it. No wonder, this space is so thoroughly controlled, as well as it attracts people who are looking for the sources of illegal income.

Indeed, the providers of the Internet, meeting the requirements of the local regulations, may limit or completely forbid access to certain websites or resources. For instance, these restrictions are commonplace in Muslim countries, China, North Korea, Russia, etc. Those people who need to use the services which are restricted for work or for personal needs give preference to VPN which eliminates the boundaries created for Internet users.

Torrent is the technology which foresees downloading of a certain file in the parts which are contained at numerous computers across the globe. Such sharing is very useful. Unfortunately, these resources can be banned. To get access to them, one may use one of the VPN services which are provided free of charge.

Free VPN for Torrenting

  1. VPN Gate is the services developed in Japan. The peculiar feature is the arrangement of public networks of VPN tunnels by volunteers with the application of special software. After, they are provided for public use, free of charge. It means that this service is created by regular people, not companies.
  2. Spotflux is the service which does not limit the speed of the connection. Even using a free version, users enjoy the speed which will not make them notice that VPN is used.
  3. Windscribe is the service which provides the possibility to get connected through servers from eight countries. To obtain more traffic, it is feasible to invite friends. 1 Gigabyte is presented for each new user. For registration, only an email is needed to create a login and password. Besides, there is an ad blocker which is a useful service and so needed for free VPN services.
  4. Cyber Ghost VPN is the service with high speed. Besides, it is very simple to use. All the information is encrypted by means of reliable AES 256-bit encryption. One of the most important features, this service does not keep the history of visited websites by a particular user.
  5. Psiphon which offers a choice between a VPN connection, through so-called tunnels, and proxy servers. Thus, a user decides in which way to ensure one’s online anonymity. Besides, there is no need to install it on a PC, it can be used even if stored on an external drive. Psiphon works with all the browsers. There is no need to make settings for each particular browser.

VPN is a technological solution to ensure freedom and anonymity of surfing on the Internet and using torrents. Besides, with free VPN for torrenting, users may enjoy the security of their private data and the safeguard of confidentiality.