At Lindbergh Automotive, we offer complete and customized service for your company’s fleet vehicles! We know you have enough things to juggle while running your business – car repair shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we’ve made it easier, faster, and more convenient to care for your fleet vehicles.

When your fleet car or truck is broken down, it’s not making you money — and it’s costing more than just the repair price. If your vehicle is sitting in a bay, it’s not on the road, helping your business, or making you money.

The ASE Certified and fleet dedicated technicians at Lindbergh Automotive are committed to making sure this doesn’t happen. We will help you come up with a preventative maintenance and care plan that works for YOU and your business. View our complete list of services [link] and meet with a service advisor at Lindbergh Automotive to make a plan for your fleet vehicles. We’ll take the stress out of fleet management and fleet car care.

The dedicated fleet staff will help you keep up with manufacturer recommended services, with convenient oil changes and thorough inspections. You’ll be able to address any small issues right away, avoiding large breakdowns and costly repairs. And with our commitment to customer service, we’ll get your fleet vehicles back on the road and making you money faster – and keep the peace of mind knowing your fleet vehicle will keep your drivers and your business on the road!

Call 404.445.0575 to see why Lindbergh Automotive has unbeatable dedication and care for your fleet vehicles.